5% of IT budget or of new projects be dedicated to veracity/ethical testing & independent technical assurance

If 5% of all projects was committed to external tests for veracity, similar to security testing, then we would have a better chance of testing for explainability, contestability, auditability and appealability of government services, all of which is critical for digitally enabled departments to live up to the principles and requirements of Administrative Law. Systems must be put in place to monitor for impact and harm, to ensure new services/tools don't create unintended issues for the people we serve.

Why the contribution is important

Government IT and projects have loads of governance assurance, making sure everyone has ticked boxes, but there is often very little technical assurance, and almost no independent assurance of the suitability, veracity, ethics, extendability etc of the implementation. GCDO tries to provide architectural guidance (which is sometimes listened to, sometimes not) but where are the Digital Service Standard reports for all public services since it was launched? Where is the independent review.

In a world where people MUST be able to trust government services, we need to be able to test for veracity (explainability, traceability to law, end to end software supply chains, highly trustworthy services and infrastructure) and provide independent assurance.

by piaandrews on November 04, 2021 at 10:23AM

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