Additional components that underpin the digital environment

  • Digital and Service Standards - to ensure consistency of high quality, inclusively designed and well supported public services.

  • Trust infrastructure - the records keeping, public access, traceability back to law, independent oversight and participatory governance to ensure auditability, appealable and trustworthy systems.

  • Digital government should include a digital public infrastructure, a digital twin of government, including legislation/regulation as code, all of government modelling, measurement and monitoring, the structures, functions, authorities and policies of government available as code, and reusable government as a platform components that the broader economy and society can rely upon and build upon.

  • Public reporting - all government reporting will be done publicly, including compliance to the algorithmic charter, digital service standard reports, policy and service measurements, and other areas of compliance and oversight, unless there is a national security consideration

Why the contribution is important

Without these components, there will not be consistency, trust, infrastructure or pressure to do the right thing, respectively.

by piaandrews on October 26, 2021 at 11:06AM

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