Data centre emissions - solutions needed

Recent research overseas has shown that emissions from global data centres is now equivalent to the aviation sector. Sustainability advisors within corporations have been working with CIO's for some time about the issue and solutions are available, but costly. And much more needs to be done to future proof the tech sector. 

The NZ Government needs to invest in R&D and careful policy planning in this area to ensure we build, manage and maintain low-emissions data centres that do not negatively impact on the environments where they are built. 

Of concern is the comment on Page 7 of the strategy, paragraph 5 - "it is a sector that is low in emissions compared to many other sectors". This is simply not true and will be a complete farse when NZ businesses fully embrace the digital opportunities available.



Why the contribution is important

If we do not address this challenge NOW we will face some serious long term consequences - in the same way the aviation sector is now facing. 

by JDubAucks on October 12, 2021 at 09:42AM

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