Linking training to business experience

The government should expand funding and assistance for digital incubators.  Anyone with a business idea and approriate skills would be encouraged and mentored to test their ideas and see if there is potential.  Students could spend summer holidays being paid to build digital solutions, pitch them to investors and learn how business works.  Only a fraction of the ideas would be successful, but the experience and networks gained would be transformative.

Why the contribution is important

Being trained with IT skills will not be sufficient for making NZ digital business friendly.  Knowing how to code is only a fraction of what it takes to turn an innovative idea into a business.  New Zeland suffers from having a small set of possible consumers internally, so digital businesses must must look internationally in order to scale.  This is difficult for New Zelanders who typically wont have the necessary networks and contacts to leverage.

by bainarnz on November 08, 2021 at 01:45PM

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