Public trust, confidence, future of work and investment in R&D

  • Public trust and confidence in the public sector and in the government - need to establish more trustworthy practices, processes, oversight and systems in the public sector, which must be perceived as independent of politics.

  • Deep fakes will dramatically heighten the misinformation wars, and will contribute heavily to ransomware and other attacks. Imagine being bribed about a damaging video that was generated by deep fake technology.

  • A lack of systemic measures will drive non-systemic outcomes

  • It is the processes followed in government that slows things down and makes it less responsive in a time of crisis. The fact that emergency powers had to be so leaned on shows that there is an opportunity to streamline and improve government processes. A review should be done into the entire policy lifecycle, and how it could be streamlined to improve policy agility.

  • Why does the paper say “susceptible to future of work”, when we know that issue is inevitable. Paint an alternative.

  • The future of work is something people are scared of, so this area needs leadership on alternatives. An augmented workforce vision would provide a better balance than an automated one, but people are presuming the value of machines is only in automation, which is setting them up to be less adaptive, resilient or innovative into the future.

  • Promoting investment in IT R&D, including how to engage with the computer science and academic community around leading edge research. Perhaps make IT R&D tax deductible?

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by piaandrews on October 26, 2021 at 11:02AM

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