Upskilling and professional development of technology teachers

To grow digital skills in our students, we need capable and confident technology teachers who can deliver and assess digital technology education appropriately.

In the recent Royal Society report, 'Technology and hangarau learning in Aotearoa New Zealand' (2021), the authors wrote, "in the [absence of professional development support for teachers], there has been a discernible drift back to technical education, with this being inadvertently supported by an overly permissive NCEA assessment matrix that allows students to obtain 14 credits without really achieving proficiency aligned to the big ideas of the Technology learning area. It is in the long-term interests of all New Zealanders for there to be adequate delivery and assessment of the Technology curriculum."

Teachers need to stay up-to-date on digital technology developments and skills and schools need to be adequately resourced with teaching staff and equipment. 

More professional development and operational funding should be allocated to schools and kura to support them continually improve teaching practices so that our students are getting the best digital technology education possible.

Why the contribution is important

A strong educational foundation will enable learners to enter the workforce and adulthood with basic digital literacy skills and an understanding of potential digital career pathways.   

by yingyang21 on October 19, 2021 at 02:42PM

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  • Posted by jessicat November 01, 2021 at 09:52

    I strongly agree with this point, we cannot be world leading in digital technologies if our students do not have core competencies in digital technologies and mathematics. Mathematics is the foundation of critical subjects like Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Artificial intelligence etc. which will enable better outcomes in technology sectors.
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