CENNZNet "Carbon Positive" Public Blockchain

CENNZnet uses energy-efficient proof of stake consensus, meaning that the environmental impact is limited.  Furthermore CENNZNet has sequestered 403 tonnes of carbon so the CENNZNet public blockchain is demonstrably carbon positive. 
CENNZnet also includes CO2  as a digital asset, and Carbon credits can be easily integrated into client products, allowing application developers to traverse even further along the “Carbon Positive” continuum if needed.

Why the contribution is important

 'Carbon neutral' is a state that occurs when net greenhouse gas emissions are equal to zero. 'Carbon positive' means going beyond this, making additional 'positive' contributions to the environment. ... Offsetting more carbon than has been released. 

This is a world-leading innovation from Aotearoa worth celebrating and supporting!


by andyhiggs on October 26, 2021 at 05:41PM

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