Co-design a better future

I suggest a series of public engagements be conducted, through and with partners across all sectors, to co-design future state pictures of "good" for Aotearoa New Zealand, to provide the moonshot to work towards. The work could also include future state ideas for "bad" to help ensure policy decisions are enabling the good, and mitigating and being testing against the bad.

Why the contribution is important

The Strategy provides no future goal or mission, just a series of tactics clustered into the three themes. I would suggest it is important to use the opportunity to co-create a shared vision of “good” in collaboration with the public to have a future state to work towards. Otherwise, any and all efforts will simply extend the current status quo system, which will at best provide symptomatic relief, without addressing any causal issues or the potential of new opportunities. Driving faster in the same direction will not get you anywhere better than the current trajectory, and COVID has shown us irrefutably that our current direction is not sustainable, equitable or inclusive.

by piaandrews on October 26, 2021 at 10:48AM

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