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  • New Zealanders have better access to, and use, public services when and where we need them, with well supported online and offline choices so we are never left behind;

  • A public sector that is digitally innovative, and provides reliable digital public infrastructure to democratise the creation of new value in the digital economy;

  • New Zealanders are safe, secure and confident online and able to navigate misinformation, can trust that their private information is safe and are able to view and appeal decisions when mistakes are made;

  • We would see ourselves as leading the world in the creation and adoption of responsible digital practices, across all sectors.

  • Policies are developed in the open, with public participation, which are monitored publicly and when policy objectives are compromised due to unexpected change or contradictory policies, it can be dealt with holistically. Policy reform will be holistic, easy and fast to implement, and result in less unintended consequences.

  • Compliance with government regulations will be much cheaper, faster, and more automatable for all sectors, through the provision of digital rules for public consumption and reuse. 

  • All government reporting and other obligations will be designed as digital first to reduce impost, improve compliance, and improve monitoring of policy objectives and real world impact.

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Self evident in them all hopefully :)

by piaandrews on October 26, 2021 at 10:57AM

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