Intent, Direction and Vision of the Strategy

  1. Intent
    1. It is great that it is happening, it has been a long time since the last major review so it is better late than never.
    2. Advertising and communicating this strategy appears to have flown under the radar. I work in the industry and still came to it late and by relative accident. This is an important strategy for all New Zealanders and should have had requisite comms to get the word out there, e.g. use someone like Taika Waititi to front a TV campaign, or similar.
    3. Who is directing the Strategy and the programme for delivery? We need a role that is the go-to person for NZ's Digital progress. This person could act for NZ on the world stage similar to a trade commissioner, but for improving our digital platforms and opportunities. This role needs to be mandated to act, rather than leaving it to Govt depts to assess and recommend.


  1. Direction
    1. The broad direction based around the three themes is ok. It is heavy on economic progress and light on wellbeing, Iwi partnerships, education and environmental priority as I have covered off below.


  1. Vision
    1. When considering the Vision, the question should be asked, what does "Good" look like? This is not articulated particularly well. The vision gives a very "mild" view of what delivery on the digital vision would mean for NZ. But it doesn't describe what living "well" in a digital world would be like for all New Zealanders. We have seen many of the risks that the online world presents to us in recent times, from cybersecurity threats to fake news and the "gaming" of New Zealanders on social media platforms. How do we get past this together and make NZ a place where Digital serves us in the way it is meant to, while allowing us to live well into the future as a physical real-world society with modern digital infrastructure, rather than a systematized world enjoyed by a segment of society? Items to consider here are;
      1. Put people first and at the heart of all digital thinking
      2. Digital innovation happens in partnership with Tangata Whēnua and the Treaty
      3. Tangata Whēnua should have opportunities to benefit from digital technology while maintaining ownership of Taonga and mātauranga Māori. 
      4. Our natural environment is supported and improved by digital growth and innovation, rather than denigrated
      5. Digital services need to exist across all channels for all people, so no one is left out by reasons of ethnicity, disability or capability
      6. Ensure all New Zealanders can be safe online, both personally and on the devices we use
      7. Ensure access to and support for factual information and confidence regarding truth and data online
      8. Ensure access to opportunities for growth and improvement, both personally, professionally, as a community, economically and socially

Why the contribution is important

It focusses on leadership of the strategy as well as a call to wider considerations around

- Equality

- Education

- The environment

by peterdarlington on November 10, 2021 at 03:38PM

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