International context is neglected

The discussion document Towards a Digital Strategy for Aotearoa neglects to discuss how New Zealand's digital environment is shaped to a large degree by people, organisations, policies and decisions outside of New Zealand. While it is necessary to focus on what Government can do on a domestic basis, the lack of an international strategic context for the Digital Strategy risks leaving New Zealand's digital agenda exposed to and un-prepared for international developments.

How will Government engage internationally, how will it determine which issues are priorities for international engagement and diplomacy, and which fora are the right ones to target to achieve NZ objectives? Rather than bland assertions that other countries look to New Zealand as a source of ethical and responsible technology development and use, what does Government see as the role of NZ tech businesses in embodying 'New Zealand' principles when trading internationally? Given the actual disruptions to digital tech supply chains seen in recent years, and potential for more, are there any specific areas where a sovereign capability is necessary, and how will this be built?

Why the contribution is important

The digital environment is global, and realistically, New Zealand needs to prioritise carefully where it aims for influence. If there is an ambition to lead on some issues, international engagement should be core to the strategy - it is no good 'leading' in a constituency of one. 

by inverseimage on October 13, 2021 at 03:02PM

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  • Posted by Jamesbr100 November 08, 2021 at 11:46

    We should also continue to build on things like the FTA with the UK and the DEPA agreement to build out NZ's digital capability especially if the world continues to be in lockdown
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