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In New Zealand we have some fantastic connectivity infastructure. All of our domestic towns and cities are connected with Fibre. 

We should be encouraging tech businesses to move to NZ / base themselves in NZ but not be phyiscially restricted to  Auckland.

We should also be encouraging the businesses that can make it work to allow for more domestic remote work and less international remote work. Employ people that reside in NZ and discourage the employment of people working remotely from overseas. 

For example we have business 'A' setup in central Nelson. As a remote employee working for business 'A' living in Whangarei I can head into the office two days in the month via two relatively short flights connecting via Auckland without being away from home for long periods of time while also knowing I am returning to the lifestyle that suits me, the employee.

Our domestic plane network is strong. We have talented people. We have a country with a great lifestyle. We shouldn't however be encouraging this to all be directed to Auckland. Encourage the spread and allow for tech businesses and tech employees to move to the regions.


Why the contribution is important

This is would serve a couple of purposes:

  • Allow for the tech business sector (in particular start-ups with little amounts of cash) to have confidence to establish in the regions where space is more accessible and lifestyles may be more appropriate.
  • Allow for employees to be confident that their remote work choices will be encouraged provided they are based domestically.
  • Increase investment in the regions from employers.
  • Increase the spend and investment by employees located remotely around NZ.
  • Help employee wellbeing by allowing for an employee to choose the lifestyle that suits them.
  • Once international borders open, would allow for international business staff to make a greater use of the domestic network when visiting and bringing more value into the regions.

by mattwooddev on October 12, 2021 at 09:40PM

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  • Posted by Jamesbr100 November 10, 2021 at 11:56

    When i was the CEO of FinTech NZ i shared with the Mayor of Queenstown that he should look at other countries that have gone down the incentive route to attract large multi nationals into the regions.

    The 4 Day Week Global Project has shown we can work from anywhere
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