Building a strong talent pipeline

Role models: Showcase/profile diverse relatable rolemodels to students, whanau and communities

Showcase what it really looks like to work in tech (break the stero types) and the wide range of opportunities: Initiaitives like Shadow Tech Day and workplace visits are great. For those school or community groups that don't have such a ready access to this - some kinda virtal tour or pre-recorded experience. 

Connect with whanua and community - ensuring that your are bringing whanau and communities (such as Iwi and or church groups) along with you on the journey and also  educating them on opportunities in technology 



Why the contribution is important

Role models

One of the biggest barriers (esp for wahine and under represented groups) is not knowing relateable role models in the industry. Truth is - there are some AMAZING folk out there that don't fall into the sterotype of the industry. Showcasing real relatable people working in the tech sector and creating a safe space for them to talk about their challenges (of often being the only person who looks like them in the room), their passions and motivations for why they do what they do is SUPER important. You can't be what you can't see - right!

Show what it really looks like to work in tech (break the stero types) and showcase the wide range of opportunities

Often when we go school visit to our office (I am the Tech Outreach & Engage Coordiator at Xero), a lot of the students comment on the space is not what they expected. There's a common idea that working in tech, you work in cubicles, and uninspiring dull office spaces. Let's be honest - no one wants to work in an environment like that! Also being about to show students arround the office gives them a sense of the workplace culture, they can see staff interacting with each other, no one is wearing a tie, etc. 
As well as a tour of the office we also invite a range of people from our tech departments to talk about what they do (as not everyone who works in tech is an engineer!) Showcasing the wide range of opportunities in tech such as Agile facilitator, Product Owner/manager, UX designer, tester, Quality Assurance, Business Analyst, Data Scientist.... etc. The opportunities are endless!
Showcasing that tech IS a great place to work is VERY important. 

Connet with Whanua and community

Parents and the wider whanua have often a BIG influence of a childs education and initial career choices. Bringing whanua along on the journey, and educating them on the broad range of opotunities of tech, the money you can earn in the sector, the high level of job security/employability. All things that parents want to know that they children will be financially secure, happy and forfilled. Beyond the whanau, esspecially in Māori  and Pacifica communitys, engaging with Iwi and church groups is also key. Showcasing tech for good and how technologies can harnes impact and bring about positive change is important. 

by RuthJamesNZ on October 08, 2021 at 01:22PM

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