Views on the Growth Theme

  1. Skills & Education
    1. There appears to be an expectation of more New Zealanders with the skill sets to feed growth in smart digital business tech. But this is not the case. ICT is not an attractive option for many school leavers because it isn't marketed and taught in schools. It is also not sold well to young women despite the evidence that women make fantastic digital workers.
    2. We have too many young people leaving school without any digital skills beyond the most basic and their future job prospects will be severely limited as a result.
    3. As well as this, it is currently almost impossible to import talent from overseas to fill the skills gap that we have.
  2. Core Country Data
    1. We need a national open data network for core information such as location and addresses, land and aerial imagery, environmental indicators and network utility infrastructure (roads telecoms etc.). Currently this information is split or duplicated across multiple agencies such as Govt depts and local councils
  3. Natural Environment
    1. Digital technologies and industries can be "clean" ones. Digital can also improve our current environmental footprint through opportunities around remote work and smart transport systems. AI and machine learning can tell us more about how the world environment is functioning and whether man-made effects are increasing or diminishing.  This is a huge opportunity and New Zealand could be both a world leader and improve our own Climate Change commitments by investing in environmentally focused digital tech. However, this does not appear to have been considered.

Why the contribution is important

Widens the focus to include skills and education, open data and the natural environment.

by peterdarlington on November 10, 2021 at 03:45PM

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