Build the foundation to support flexible working

Some organisations don't have the foundation to adopt and support flexible working. This limits individual's capability to work and be successful at their job. 

NZ needs to look at the foundations required to enable and support safe flexible working environment across all industries and to cover everyone's needs at various stages of their life (I.e. students/new grad, being parents, retired people, etc.)

The foundations are law and regulations, process, technology/tools, education (teach people to be open minded and think outside the box, e.g. location shouldn't be a barrier for people to apply for a job if it doesn't need to be and support leaders to allow team members to work remotely where appropriate).

Why the contribution is important

This will enable organisations to reach wider and get the best talented people for the job. 

by Felicia on November 05, 2021 at 01:55AM

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