Inclusion is a journey not a destination, we must invest in processes

When the government entrusted the National Library to lead and support COVID-19 recovery work across New Zealand’s library system with a funding package of $58.8 million, they acknowledged the important mahi that libraries do in helping communities with digital access. 

However, inclusion is a journey not a destination. We must continue to invest in processes that promote inclusion. By enforcing minimal barriers to access to resources, libraries are uniquely situated to work towards the mahi tahi goal currently set out in the strategy and there must be a strategic mandate to support them. 

"All New Zealanders have the tools, services and skills they need to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from, and lead in the digital world"

If you look at any public library across Aotearoa you will find services and programmes already in place that address all of these criteria but the work has only just begun. When libraries work alongside community groups, both parties are able to facilitate meaningful change for those who are otherwise falling through the cracks.

Why the contribution is important

True inclusion means strategic mandates and commitments to investment into processes. Libraries are one of these processes who work to raise the baseline of digital inclusion and so investment allows the sustainable growth outlined in areas of this strategy. 

by smithj1990 on November 10, 2021 at 02:53PM

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