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  1. Digital Equality
    1. Demand is challenging and mixed. Across NZ we still have people who barely interact with digital services alongside those who are digital-first and who demand greater and better digital service right across the board. How do we respond to this challenge and ensure we can meet the requirements of all of our citizens?
    2. Public services need to continue to be accessible for all. This means digital first needs to be reproduced via alternative channels such as telephone, paper and face to face
    3. Technologies such as digital humans interacting via phone could fill one channel if the technology was mature enough. The benefit with this technology is that can end long wait times when calling Govt agencies
  2. Education
    1. Tech education in schools needs a total rethink. It needs to start at primary school and schools need to be supported with a tech-based learning infrastructure providing tech skills across the spectrum from Digital, Web and Online skills to software engineering, data and analytics, cybersecurity etc... Schools can't be expected to supply this alone so we need to think about how best to support them, including use of Govt and private partnerships and agreements that focus on the rights skills being taught.

Why the contribution is important

Widens the focus around digital equality and the need for improved digital skills education.

by peterdarlington on November 10, 2021 at 03:42PM

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