Robust Information Management

The public records act requires public records to be secure, authoritative and accessible for as long as it is required. This becomes difficult as techology changes rapidly. The volume of data and information being created and stored is growing at pace. We need to ensure strategies are in place to safeguard information that required to be retained and accessible for the long-term as well as to dispose information that is no longer required. Very often government organisations see 'information and records management' and 'data management' as two distinct and unrelated things. Digital information has its own preservation and security risks. Some of it must be retained and accessible indefinitely - the resources and tools for this must be invested in.

For example, How do you archive an app in such a way that it might be accessible in 100 years? 

Why the contribution is important

Meeting the obligations of the public records act and ensuring the public can have confidence that information is trustworthy and accurate. High risk and high value information needs to be protected and preserved. This can be very difficult as software, storage media and file formats change over time. 

by SarahB on October 30, 2021 at 03:18PM

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