Security from attacks

A big issue is security. Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated and severe, having large impacts on a variety of businesses and people with data being compromised and technology getting disabled. To enable trust from New Zealanders, there will need to be stronger defences in place to both prevent and manage these attacks when they happen. There is ongoing work with cyber security strategy and the NCSC, however large scale attacks like the Waikato DHB still happen, and this lessens trust in the security of technological systems. I have somewhat frequently received notice that my own information has been compromised through data leaks, from suposedly secure sites - even from my bank. Perhaps publishing statistics from the NCSC more widely may increase trust.

Why the contribution is important

In order to facilitate trust, there must be secure defenses in place to prevent successful attacks, as well as quick remediation of attacks that do break through. People will not trust technology if their information is not secure.

by zoeps on October 08, 2021 at 10:19AM

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