Widespread adoption increases risk

The discussion document heralds adoption of digital technologies as a surefire way to boost productivity and help New Zealand businesses grow, and seeks to encourage "widespread acceptance and deployment". As any increase in digital assets and footprint is likely to also increase the attack surface at risk, there should be a more nuanced approach to encouraging use of digital technologies to support the Mahi Tika theme. Well-designed and implemented, appropriate, secured, and accessible digital technology adoption should be encouraged. Willy-nilly adoption of the latest buzzword will just perpetuate the conditions where public trust in digital technologies is constantly chipped away at. This should be a particular focus for Government use of digital tech.

Why the contribution is important

Over-emphasising the growth benefits of digital technology adoption risks missing out on a better discussion and consideration of the potential risks if tech adoption isn't done well. The discussion document makes clear that security issues, data breaches etc are a key factor in public trust in tech.

by inverseimage on October 13, 2021 at 03:36PM

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