Some draft measures of success

  • The ICT sector doubles its economic contribution to GDP by 2030 - (please include the number) 

  • All significant government services are designed inclusively, and have omni-channel options (online, phone and in person options) to ensure New Zealanders are fully supported

  • New Zealanders increasingly feel safe online (target)

  • More secondary school students are taking technology standards (or, just make it part of the core curriculum?)

  • The numbers of tech-related graduates increases (and number of multidisciplinary, why not have tech literacy in most degrees?)

  • Our small businesses are more digitally capable (as measured by the SME Digital Index).

  • Government entities are more digitally capable (as measured by the same SME Digital Index)

  • New Zealand will boast 100,000 highly skilled IT and digital professionals across the economy by 2030 including to double the capacity within government to ensure enough internal expertise to deliver, to innovation, and to engage expertly with the broader tech sector.

Why the contribution is important

Above are some measures of success that might be helpful.

by piaandrews on October 26, 2021 at 11:02AM

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