Te reo Māori representation

We need a measure of success around how well te reo Māori is able to be used digitally. 

Why the contribution is important

To support Te Tiriti, and one of Aotearoa's official languages, we need to measure how much investment and effort is going into enabling te reo to be used in digital environments, and we also need to measure what difference that's making to how much it is used. If we don't measure it we won't know how to improve the focus of those efforts. 

by MattJ on October 29, 2021 at 06:42AM

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  • Posted by temihinga October 31, 2021 at 11:28

    He tika rā tēnei whakaaro. Inā te nui o ngā taupā e aukati nei te whakaputa i te reo Māori ki ngā pae matihiko, arā, ko ngā momotuhi tohutō kore ngērā, ko te kore whakaae o ngā ingoa reo Māori ngērā, ko ngā kōwhiringa reo Māori kore hoki ngērā, ā, arā noa atu ētehi tauira e kitea ai te tāmitanga o te reo Māori i ngā pūrere, taupānga, pae tukutuku, te aha atu, te aha atu. Me whakarite āheinga kia matomato te tupu o te reo Māori ki ngā tōpito katoa i te ao matihiko. Me whakamana hoki i te reo kia whērā. Koinei te mate nui i tēnei wā, ko te korenga o ngā kamupene e whakamana ana i te reo Māori, me te korenga o ngā kaihanga pūmanawa tautono e mārama ana, e kōrero ana i te reo Māori. Ki te whakamana tātou i te reo, ka kore ngēnei raruraru e puta.
  • Posted by SarahBerry December 17, 2021 at 09:27

    [English translation of te reo comment above.] This idea is correct. Many applications block the expression of te reo Māori on digital platforms, namely, the fonts that lack macrons, those that do no allow for Māori language names, and those that lack Māori language choices, and there are many more examples where the suppression of te reo Māori is evident in devices, applications, websites, etc., etc. Opportunity should be created for te reo Māori to flourish in all parts of the digital world. The language must also be recognised in order for that to happen. Currently, this is the biggest problem, that companies continue to disregard te reo Māori, and the lack of application software developers who understand and speak te reo Māori. If we recognise the language, these problems will stop occurring.
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