From The Grassroots

Let us drive the initiatives within our rural communities with the development of Tech hubs / Digital Hubs / Business Hubs supporting online entrepreneurship and upskilling local community members.  Come and see the intiatives in action already on the ground.  Support these intiatives, that are getting results.  Don't always focus on EDAs and current establishments.  The same old structures and mechanisms in place haven't worked.

We need to build local digital tech capacity, which creates remote higher skilled jobs and supports SMEs reach global markets via ecommerce channels.  Believe in the people on the ground, working within the communities, to help drive Aotearoa Digital Strategy.  

Why the contribution is important

Our regions have the highest stats of poverty, unemployment, low/unskilled jobs.  We need to support self empowerment through enterprise and technology.  Upskilling our next generations, so they have capabilities of working from our homelands, remote high paid jobs.  Their skills can support SMEs nationwide, to create online business capabilities, making them more robust and able to reach wider markets and survive covid.

We need to stop bringing in high paid consultants and wasting  $1000,000s on reports. 

We need to redirect resources into community initiatives that are already working on the ground levels, amongst our people, building relationships, networking with technology companies and doing the do.

We know the solutions, just need awhi to execute them.


by TolagaBayInnovation on November 06, 2021 at 10:15AM

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