What's working well, or improved over the years, specifically internet speed.

In general 

As someone who started out in the age of 56K modems, we have come a long way in terms of internet speed. Today my UFB gets me 26 Mbps down, and 18 Mbps up, which is factors of times faster than what it used to be. The question is, is that enough?
For my personal view yes, that's great, but I carry some of the baggage of the past with me there. It's vastly better than what it used to be, but does that mean it's fit for purpose going forward, in an "always-online" age where more and more parts of our life are being connected. 

I believe we are reaching a plateau in terms of speed, and likely nothing short of a major network-wide upgrade would change that, which is likely very unnecessary and costly. 

Areas to improve.

Something I know all too well as a gamer is we are always at a disadvantage when it comes to connecting internationally. In terms of ping speed and volume, it could be better. New Zealand has a large pool of highly skilled IT staff and with the right environment we could take over a much larger role in the world when it comes to hosting and storing data. By and large, we are trusted by western countries as a relatively neutral third party with high standards of performance, and high morals and ethics. I envision something more than say the many call centres of India, but of a similar model in terms of being a reliable place which companies can base or host their data. 
Furthermore, we have a great opportunity to create a much stronger virtual workforce. As the world moves more and more towards remote work we would do very well to embrace this as we can work from anywhere, and send that work to anywhere. A guy in Invercargill can be doing jobs for a company in London. A girl in Masterton can be remote problem solving for a refinery in Canada. There is great potential there, though obviously, it needs a lot more work to fine-tune. 

Lastly, the stability of local networks could be greatly improved. In every home I've lived in around the nation constant slow speeds and disconnections, or complete network failure are a common occurrence. We are so far behind the five 9's standard and I have to ask why? If it's old infrastructure, then we need to begin the process of updating it. Even storms are no longer a valid excuse for poor internet as we know very well how to maintain a network in the harshest of conditions, which we are far from experiencing here. 

Why the contribution is important

Is that for me to say? I hope my idea is helpful, and a start of a discussion. It's by no means a conclusion. Overall I believe great progress has occurred, and I hope we keep that ball rolling into the future. 

by Ambiguous64 on October 09, 2021 at 01:52PM

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  • Posted by Rialonic October 14, 2021 at 10:22

    While it wasn't available to start with, UFB allows speeds up to 1Gbps with upgrades at the exchanges. This has been progressively rolled out and should be available now in most places that have UFB. Where are you located? It's possible you are paying for 30Mbps but 100Mbps or 1Gbps may be available to you at a higher cost.
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