Digital Strategy for Tourism.

As we move forwards into the new age of technology, it is important that any government digital strategy ensures that no industry is left behind.

Our tourism industry has been one of the most heavily impacted industries from the pandemic and desperately needs help. Compared to other industries, the use of technology within tourism has been slow to catch on. Many companies are missing out on the potential benefits that technology can have within tourism, from simplifying daily tasks to new product development.

This can be achieved by the support of the government to create new initiatives in digital education, raising awareness on the benefits of technology in tourism, and encouraging the development of innovative solutions within this space. There are already companies working within New Zealand to develop these new ideas but currently lack government support and investment. Given that tourism is a hugely important industry within New Zealand, if we value the future of our industry then we need that to change now.

Why the contribution is important

As the world slowly begins to open its eyes to the benefits of technology within the tourism industry, to protect the future of our industry we need to act fast to ensure we are not left behind. 

After Covid-19, it has become apparent that our dependence on physical products has left us struggling to adapt to the new world. Tourism is one of the only industries that has remained at almost a complete standstill over the last 18 months, hard to believe considering the size and financial impact of the global tourism industry. We need to radically change our way of thinking/working and drive innovation using alternative solutions in technology if we want to adapt to the future. 

Resistance within tourism to technology remains high and technological literacy remains low. The solutions to problems such as sustainability, over-tourism, and the rest are already within reach, we just need to create the foundation on which to build a new, improved, and future-ready tourism industry. We need better education, increased awareness, government support, and most importantly, we need action.

by freyawatkinson on October 11, 2021 at 10:08AM

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