Libraries are on the front lines of digital inclusion

When the government entrusted the National Library to lead and support COVID-19 recovery work across New Zealand’s library system with a funding package of $58.8 million, they acknowledged the important mahi that libraries (particularly public libraries) do in helping communities with digital access. 

The Digital Strategy for Aotearoa is about raising New Zealand's digital ceiling by promoting growth in our technology sector. But also raising the floor when it comes to access digital access. Public libraries at their core promote access to information and so are on the front lines in digital inclusion. Running computer classes, providing wifi/pc/printing services. The trust that communities have in libraries uniquely situates them to represent their communities and so any digital strategy must include input from public libraries. 

Why the contribution is important

An acknoledgement of the role public libraries play in digital tika, tahi and ake is an acknowledgement of the way community services can be at the heart of digital education and access. A library reflects its community and so is a key point of call when asking for input from communities. Particularly those vulnerable communities that value library services so dearly.  

by smithj1990 on November 10, 2021 at 02:12PM

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